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Respite Care

Respite Care is short term care, giving the person caring for you a time to rest and recharge or providing extra care after a hospital stay.

Respite supports and services are not only for the Carer but a fantastic opportunity for the Resident to meet new people and regain their strength and health.

As a Care facility we understand the time and energy it takes to care for someone who is dependent on us, but we also recognize the need to look after yourself and have times of rest and self care, as the saying goes 'You can't pour from an empty cup'. With Respite Care take time for yourself and be reassured we will provide your loved one with the highest care and respect.

Respite care is not just for the Carer, but is also an opportunity for our Guests to have a change of scenery, meet new people and try new things. 


McKenzie HealthCare provides a Respite bed fully funded through the South Canterbury District Health Board. To book a stay with us talk to your GP about a referral to Needs assessment and service coordination (NASC) or talk directly to NASC if they already provide you with service.

For more information on Respite care please follow these links;

Respite information - 

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