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Our Facility 

The History of McKenzie Healthcare

This site, originally known as The Pines, was initially purchased in 1946 for a planned 20 bed General Hospital for the cost of £2575.00.

In 1955 plans for a general hospital were withdrawn and substituted with plans for an 8 bed Maternity Hospital on this site to complement the already existing 16 bed Rawhiti House.

Construction finally began 3 years later in 1958. Consents moved much faster in those days! The plans also included the option to extend to 12 beds. This was seen as the first step towards building a   General hospital here as Geraldine was seen as the fastest growing town in the district. But this did not eventuate.

For the cost of £57,000 The Geraldine Maternity Hospital was completed in 1960. Rawhiti House ceased as a Maternity Hospital and became a Geriatric Home.

For 26 years This was the Geraldine Maternity Hospital run under the leadership of Sister Mary Oram, a name still well remembered by many in the district. Sister Oram retired in 1986 and was succeeded by Sister Shirley Garnett.

Annual births were between 65 and 109 before dropping after the post-war baby boom.  Many residents living in Geraldine utilized the services, and several of our staff were born here. But Geraldine’s reputation grew as that of a retirement town.

In March 1988 there was a public meeting where one principal request was formed: that the Hospital Board investigate the provision of beds for the terminally ill and holiday relief for the elderly in the proposed new units. The hospital board agreed that it made economic sense to convert the Maternity Home to a Geriatric facility, to sell Rawhiti House and to provide beds for the terminally ill.

In July 1988 the maternity hospital ceased as a birthing unit. It continued to house recovery for post-natal mothers for a short time. The hospital and redundant nurses’ accommodation turned into a 24 bed Geriatric hospital known as The Pines. The caring role of the building in the community had come full circle.

In the late ‘80’s Anne Whitaker bought the Pines from the SCDHB, which was very fortunate for our community otherwise we may not have the wonderful service we still have today. Under Anne’s enthusiastic and dedicated ownership, McKenzie Lodge, as it became known, grew.

 In 2007 shareholder group, McKenzie, became the next owners and what you see today is the vision of this forward-thinking company. McKenzie Lifestyle Village was born, and is testament, of the growing needs and wishes of our greater community. It made perfect sense to extend the hospital, dementia and rest home services too.

The community now has a beautiful, purpose-built facility extension. Well-trained and dedicated staff who are the heart and soul of McKenzie HealthCare. At the centre of everything we do at McKenzie HealthCare is a desire to care for our elderly residents and to engage with our community in the best possible way, and to the highest standard we can.

We are always moving forward following the latest developments in health practices and technology, we use a central data base accessed by tablets located through out the facility, for all Resident information, so all care team members have up to date information on care plans, preferences and any changes of care. This ensures good communication and continuation of care 

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