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Rest Home Level Care

If you or a loved one are finding it harder to maintain a fully independent lifestyle, our Rest home level care offers the security of 24/7 Registered Nurses and our highly trained Care staff. 

Rest home level care describes the level of care required by a person who may require help with certain aspects of day to day life to ensure continued health and safety.

The lifestyle at McKenzie Healthcare encourages independence while still providing dedicated care, as we understand how important it is, especially when transitioning into a care home and the feelings of loss that may come with that lifestyle change. 

McKenzie Healthcare is not just a medical facility it becomes your home and we encourage Residents to bring familiar items in to make their room exactly that, while providing nutritious meals, multiple daily activities we aim to not only help you continue the lifestyle you have lived but to further it and provide peace of mind to not only you but your family as well.

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