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Our Values


VISION: Our future direction

To be the aged care provider of choice, with excellence achieved by continual improvement and participation from Residents and Staff.


To be the aged care provider of choice by providing a safe, supportive, caring environment, working in partnership to deliver a high standard of care

OUR PHILOSOPHY: what we believe

With a shared goal, commitment, and a supportive environment we can provide high-quality, Resident focused care.

VALUES: What we practice

P – partnership (how we work together)

R – Respect (how we treat others)

I – Integrity (how we behave)

D – dignity (For all)

E – excellence (in everything we do)


How we live our values

At McKenzie HealthCare we:

  • Are respectful and caring with Residents and each other

  • Cooperate as a team as well as work independently

  • Are committed to developing our skills and learning new ones

  • Are positive, have a can-do attitude and enjoy our work

  • Turn challenges into opportunities, working together to find solutions

  • Enjoy our time together

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