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Employment Opportunities

McKenzie HealthCare prides itself on its dedicated team of professionals, including Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, and Household staff. With a commitment to providing exceptional care, the organization offers a range of employment opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

One of the primary reasons why people love working at McKenzie HealthCare is the organization's emphasis on maintaining a Medical and Aged Residential Care facility that is well-equipped and adequately staffed. This ensures that both employees and residents receive the attention and resources they need to thrive. The facility's commitment to quality care is reflected in its comprehensive support systems and state-of-the-art amenities.

What sets McKenzie HealthCare apart is its unique work environment characterized by a flat hierarchy and a strong sense of camaraderie. The organization recognizes the value of collaboration and fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. This friendly and inclusive culture not only enhances job satisfaction but also promotes professional growth and personal well-being.

In addition to a supportive work environment, McKenzie HealthCare offers various benefits and allowances to its employees. These include meal provisions and allowances for Night Duty and Meeting Attendance, particularly for quality meetings and mandatory in services. Healthcare Assistants receive valuable support through the ACE program, which focuses on enhancing their skills in the specialized field of care for older individuals.

The organization is committed to the ongoing professional development of its Registered Nurses. To support their growth, McKenzie HealthCare provides opportunities for portfolio development, enabling nurses to showcase their achievements and advance their careers. Furthermore, there are numerous in-service and seminar attendance opportunities throughout the year, allowing healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.


McKenzie HealthCare takes pride in being an inclusive employer that welcomes individuals who are new to the healthcare industry. The organization understands that some Registered Nurses and Caregivers may have taken a break from the workforce and might feel uncertain about returning. As such, they extend a warm invitation to this group of individuals, encouraging them to explore the possibility of participating in a supported Return to Work program. This program includes comprehensive orientation and in-service training, aimed at building confidence and facilitating a smooth transition back into the healthcare profession.

McKenzie HealthCare provides a rewarding and fulfilling work environment for healthcare professionals. With its emphasis on quality care, supportive culture, and opportunities for professional growth, the organization stands out as a desirable place of employment. Whether you are an experienced healthcare practitioner or someone looking to enter the industry, McKenzie HealthCare offers a range of fulfilling opportunities where you can contribute to the well-being of others while nurturing your own career.

Current openings

Healthcare Assistant

Registered Nurse

We welcome you to send your cv and application at any time regardless of openings available 

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