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Employment Opportunities

McKenzie HealthCare employs Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, HealthCare Assistants and Household staff


People love working at McKenzie HealthCare for several reasons. It is a medium sized Medical and Aged Residential Care facility which is well equipped and staffed. However it is the flat hierarchy and the friendliness that most people enjoy.


Meals and allowances such as Night Duty and Meeting Attendance (for certain quality meetings and compulsory inservices). Health Care Assistants are supported through the ACE programme for Care of the Older Person


Support for Portfolio development for RNs. In-service and seminar attendance opportunities throughout the year for upskilling opportunities.


Especially welcome are people who are new to the industry. Sometimes Registered Nurses and Caregivers have been away from the workforce for a while and may not feel confident returning to work. We welcome and invite this group of people to explore the possibility of a supported Return to Work programme including orientation and in-service training.

Current openings

Healthcare Assistant

Registered Nurse

We welcome you to send your cv and application at any time regardless of openings available 

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