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Palliative Level Care

Palliative Care is a compassionate and comprehensive approach that provides unwavering support and care for individuals diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. Our dedicated team, equipped with specialized training in Palliative care, is committed to accompanying patients and their families through every step of their journey with utmost comfort, deep understanding, and profound respect. We strive to create an environment where individuals can find solace, receive personalized care, and experience a sense of dignity during this challenging time.

Palliative care is a specialized form of medical care that focuses on providing compassionate support for individuals living with life-limiting conditions. At McKenzie Healthcare, we understand the unique challenges and complexities that come with such illnesses, and our dedicated team is here to alleviate symptoms and reduce the physical and emotional stress experienced by both the residents and their families.

Our foremost objective is to enhance the overall quality of life for our residents and their loved ones. We recognize that palliative care involves not only the physical well-being of the individual but also the emotional and psychological well-being of their family members. Therefore, we are committed to offering comprehensive information, guidance, and support to both those receiving palliative care and their family and friends who play an essential role in their journey.

We strongly believe that knowledge is empowering. That is why we strive to equip you with the necessary information and resources to make well-informed decisions. Our compassionate team will work closely with you, addressing any concerns or questions you may have, and guiding you through the decision-making process. We are here to provide emotional support, compassionate listening, and practical assistance to ensure that you feel fully supported throughout this challenging time.

At McKenzie HealthCare, we have created a dedicated wing known as "The Smith Unit" that has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of our residents and their families. The Smith Unit boasts two beautifully appointed, spacious ensuite bedrooms that offer a comfortable and private space for the resident. Additionally, the unit features a well-equipped kitchenette and a cozy lounge area where family members and friends can gather, relax, and share moments of togetherness.

Understanding the importance of staying close to your loved one during their journey, we have ensured that the Smith Unit can be easily transformed into a sleeping area for family members. This allows you to remain by their side, providing continuous support and companionship, without compromising on comfort or privacy.

Nestled within a private wing and featuring its own separate entrance, the Smith Unit provides a tranquil and personal environment that fosters peace and tranquility. We understand the significance of creating a space where you can fully focus on being present with your loved one, cherishing moments, and building cherished memories.

Please be reassured that at McKenzie Healthcare, we are dedicated to walking alongside you and your family throughout this journey. Our compassionate and professional team is committed to providing the highest level of care, support, and understanding. We aim to ensure that you feel valued, heard, and supported every step of the way.

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